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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pretty pictures: one fine day

adore this 1960's-esque family themed photoshoot.  not just the styling, not just the background, not just the modeling or fantastic photography... but mostly because i see it & have MAJOR lifestyle envy!  i want to be the subject of the shoot - i want her life!  just take a look ::

fave fabulous photography:  pictures in the field - lovely; the title image by the pond - adore the wind effect
fave modeling:  that great pose against the red car where model eveline is putting on her shoe - great "caught in the act of something completely normal while looking completely glam" shot;
smiling, smiling, smiling!  we all know how i feel about models who are allowed to smile!! {exhibits: A, B, C, D ... wow my collection is growing!  awesome.}
fave fashion: long sleeve lace dress by lisa ho - in second pic (as well as the kissing-in-the-field one); unbelievably gorgeous burberry (obviously!) coat in that last image.
and... major lifestyle crush pics: well other than just saying "all," i suppose i can narrow it down to mostly the last two.  i'd love to be the lovely young model with the sweet husband, lil dog, and completely a-dor-a-ble daughter! 

all-in-all -- this photoshoot gets the "kait stamp of approval."  major time.

editorial published in madison magazine, april 2011.  photographer nick scott, styled by nicole bonython-hines.  models eveline & charlie. [via the always great dustjacket attic]

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  1. I love this gals coat wow!

    I'm just gonna throw my two cents here but your blog should be about what you enjoy and since I'm a big reader I think books are "pretty things"

    If you want to do a post on a book then do it I don't see why you have to start a whole new blog. I know I wouldn't be able to do two. That would be so much work.

    But if you do, I will read it!