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Monday, May 16, 2011

fashion: chanel resort 2012 suits

chanel suits can be recognized a mile away - the trademark tweed, structure, lapel... everything.  i read an interesting article once about the intricate process that goes into making each and every suit - everything is done in a very particular manner and only with the most trained professionals.  wish i had the article to share or even just to provide more exact details, but suffice it to say that the detail with which each suit is constructed is just amazing!

but anyways... karl's take on the traditional chanel suit for the 2012 resort show = interesting.  i've decided to highlight just some of the suits for this post, although the collection is jam-packed with variety.  and there are many more blazers and tailored pieces than these i have included - these are just some key trends from the collection ~

yellow, yellow, yellow

dusty lavender suits

cream & tailored
(my fave parts of the collection)

blazers + swimwear

my all-time fave piece
 love, love, love... everything about this perfectly tailored jacket!

my wrap up...

all-in-all, i wasn't too impressed with this collection.  it's not really a good sign that the chanel looks worn by attendees at this show were far more interesting than the looks in the show itself.  i think that some i included here are kinda cute, and that last cream jacket really is amazing, but there were also a lot of awkward and even just sloppy looking pieces that i happily left out of this post.

i was also really not into the accessorizing.  what are those thigh-high sock things attached to the flip flops?  but wait... then there are sheer gloves with swimsuits?!  and top hats?!  come ON karl! 

more bizarre looks =  a funky shooting star fabric, random sheer fabric on otherwise decent outfits, and - in my opinion - awkwardly young-looking flower embellishments.  but to be honest, there's also some quite pretty sundresses, fabric choices, and interesting necklines.  so whether this sounds like your aesthetic or not, it is a collection definitely worth a peek. 

so go over to style.com to see the whole collection, and then come back here and tell me what YOU think!

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  1. wow! I love those pastel suits