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Thursday, May 12, 2011

wedding wednesday: andie mcguire bridal

[yes, i know it's actually thursday.  i meant to post this yesterday but time got away from me when out at dinner with my favoritest (ex) assistant.  we even accomplished the impressive feat of being our waitor's first and last table!  so anyways, sorry for being a day late, please forgive me?]

i stumbled upon this lovely bridal designer on the blog, the bridal wishlist.  i looked through all of her simplistically beautiful designs and instantly fell in love with this dress, adeline.  with its corset-ish bodice and flouncy tulle-filled skirt, it's pretty much perfect. 

but wait!  i kept looking and found that there's another similar yet even more "kait" of a dress!  it's the same cut as adeline, except with a pink sash replacing the silk leaves as a waistband.  and the back's huge bow?  wow... love!  just look --

short, simple, & sweet.  my post and this dress.  just how i like it!

~ check out andi mcquire's etsy shop full of beautiful bridal dresses ~

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