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Thursday, April 14, 2011

a personal post: photo challenge - 1

okay so this is a tumblr thing, whatever.  i don't get the whole tumblr thing, even though i have one for myself.  i like it as a source of inspiration, a way to come across new quotations/design/fashion, and a storage space for when i find such images but am not ready to blog about it quite yet.  but that's it.  it doesn't seem to have the same sort of community, which is why i much prefer dear blogger.  i can't comment on another blogger's particular post and no one connects the way they do over here.  it's fun i guess but this is much better!

but anyways, they do these "challenges" over in tumblrland and some are kind of cool.  particularly this photo challenge, so i've decided to take it over to blogger country!

so here i go... day one: a picture of you with ten facts ~

me (left) with my dear michele, who was my partner in crime @ work... before she got herself a shiny new job!

1.  i have a bachelor's degree in psychology and minor in religion... but right now am working in the fashion industry.
2.  i'm truly a jill of all trades and i know that i will have a multitude of careers before i die.
3.  at some point i will go back to school to study theology, my true life's passion.
4. i want lots and lots of kids.  all adopted. 
5.  i'm considering doing a more personal blog.  more on that to come.
6.   i often feel like a bad 23 yr old because i don't go out anymore.  i obsess over this and hope i don't come to regret my decision to put career over personal life during my youth.
7.  when i do go out, my drink is whiskey sour.  i drink like an old man.
8.  i've spent three summers in CA and each time i think i left a little bit of myself there.  i need to make lots of money now so i can move back and maybe feel complete again.
9.  i am liz lemon.
10.  no really, i am.



  1. Love the Liz Lemon comment :) And don't regret not going out now...there's no rules for what HAS to happen when you're 23...just be yourself and enjoy where you are right now!!

  2. Your so cute!! Aw were the same age.. ha ha.. and dont feel bad i dont go out much either.. ha ha.. Just make sure your life is fun and your loving where you are.. =P also I've also spent 3 summers in Cal and also left a little bit of me there. I think that state just has a thing for making people want to live there ha ha... :)

  3. christina - thanks for the sweet comment, i'll have to keep reminding myself that!

    jess - i didn't know we were so much alike!! i love ya even a little more now :)

    hope you are all having a fab friday ~