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Saturday, April 9, 2011

fashion: SATC style twin

just took a cute little quiz to find out which SATC character is my style twin.  [for those of you not in the know, SATC = sex and the city].  now the thing about this quiz is that i was about 90% sure of my answer before i took it, but i still wanted to see what instyle thought... but i was indeed correct.

my results-

yup, that's what i would have guessed.  of course, that's only when forced to choose one of the four.  in reality, my style is indeed classic & pretty, demure & feminine, but with a healthy dose of quirky

but anyways, the most fun part about this online quiz was that with results come signature picks.  fun!  here are the "charlotte" picks ~

these picks are beyond perfect!  love, love, love!
if i could be wearing this outfit today instead of my work suit - although my suit still is super chic, it's just that i'd rather be in a pretty little sundress.

want to see your results, and most interestingly, your picks, take the quiz yourself...
and then comment here with your answers!

have a lovely & fashionable saturday! ~


  1. Hello there - hah so I did this and came out as Miranda! I am not sure what I make of that. In normal life she looks fabulous but compared to the other three - I kinda had myself pegged as more of a Charlotte or a Carrie! Oh well...! Lou x

  2. Thanks for the quiz link. I turned out to be a Carrie as I suspected. Have a lovely week. x decor is like butter

  3. love the diversity in all of our results!! <3