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Monday, April 11, 2011

to do: anthro ruffle lampshade

this just may be one of the best "recreate-an-overpriced-anthropologie-item" posts i've come across - for realzies.  inexpensive, seemingly easy, and a fantastic outcome. 

~ the $88 inspiration ~
cute.  very cute.  but $88??  nuh-uh, not for the crafty folk!

~ the handmade (a.k.a. cheap) versions ~
 the original, made by terra over @ mama says sew
 the one i discovered on just a girl

for once, i actually do think i can make this as well as these seasoned crafty professionals!!  of course, as with the rest of my ideas, not even a small DIY project can be fit into my life.  sigh.
but wait!
that's why i have this blog!  to keep track of all my ideas for the day i can get around to it.  the day when i have space for adorable bedside lamps, the day when i can cut strip after strip of burlap.  but anyways...

go to either of these sites for pretty easy-peasy instructions and make yourself a crazy cute ruffle lampshade!  but if you do, don't forget to post pictures and then come back here to leave a link for me to see your handiwork!

~ happy crafting ~


  1. love it! honestly, i like the DIY version better!


  2. i completely agree - i like the monotone ruffles better than anthro's alternating colored version. i really can't wait until i have the opportunity to try this myself!

  3. GORGEOUS!love your blog!
    im now a follower, check mine out if you like?http://ohyesohmy-streetstalker.blogspot.com/