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Saturday, April 23, 2011

a personal post: photo challenge - 10

Day 10 - a picture of something you wish you were better at

sketch gowns to be exact

i have this awesome opportunity to design gowns but the problem is i'm terrible at sketching.  i'm able to get the general shape down in paper but i complete biff it when it comes to the intricate details.  i have all these incredible ideas and can't get over how lucky i am to get my designs actually made and *gasp!* sold to the public, but i can't freaking get them from my mind to the sketchbook!  there's a massive gap in my creative process and i'm starting to really regret never taking art classes in college... or high school for that matter.  in fact, the last time i sat in an art classroom was 6th grade.  art used to be my passion but then i switched it over to being "smart" and "academic" and all that.  art became frivolous in my mind.

and now i'm totally suffering because of it!

i have just a handful of weeks to somehow figure it out and find a way to show others all these dream dresses.  because if i can, they can become real!  seriously, i just can't get over how cool that is...

any tips from my dear readers??

*photo cred: sketches by valentino (top) and elie saab (bottom), via fashionologie

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  1. oh wow congrats!! i would find a few styles that you like (jason wu's are great because he doesn't fuss with details like facial features) and try to emulate until you feel comfortable with your own style. also, i think the art institute offers night classes in fashion drawing.