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Monday, April 18, 2011

a personal post: photo challenge - 5

Day 05 -  a picture of something you could never imagine your life without

does it make me a complete nerd to say that it's my computer?  because it absolutely is.
my old computer (also a mac) was rudely stolen from my own house nearly a year ago and i'm still recovering.  you don't realize how much something means until it's gone.  yes, i understand it's only a computer, and obviously i went out a couple months later and bought a new one.  but think about it... i lost ev-e-ry-thing.  past papers and senior theses i was proud of, thousands of songs i was in love with, and nearly as many photos i can never recover.  gone.  all of it completely gone.  i still get sad, and also incredibly mad, when i think about it.
so i'm going to stop!

i have a new pretty computer now and even though it lacks all the sentimental things i miss dearly, i have to admit it runs better!  i didn't think it would be worth it to upgrade to "pro" but lemme tell you this - it is!

anyways, back to the photo challenge prompt:  a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
obviously my family and friends are much, muuuuuch more important than my computer.  but the prompt says "thing" not "person," so it doesn't make me a terrible person to say my computer.  right?!  and my computer is how i keep in touch with everyone, considering my lovely friends are currently spread out across the world and my work life makes it too busy to see anyone, even those nearby.  without my computer, how can i email?  how can i skype?!  i miss my friends and this lil laptop is the only thing that keeps me connected.  lame as it may be, no - i can't imagine my life without it.

p.s.  i completely blame my mother for this!  she is also attached to her laptop and i think she passed this off to me.  one of my fave things to do is just be with her - we put on tv (typically an all-day marathon of bones or svu, maybe even what not to wear) and plop down with our matching laptops and play text twist online.  sounds lame but is pretty much my fave thing to do at home, especially on a cold day with a fire going!  

p.p.s.  a note on this photo challenge:  i'm taking creative liberties with its prompts.  there are 31 and really they have started to seem the same over and over again.  also some aren't exactly things i feel are appropriate (example: "picture of person you love doing f***ed up things with" . . . um, no).  so, basically, i'm picking the "best" ones and cutting it down from a full month to a half month.  hope that's cool with you!


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