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Thursday, April 14, 2011

fashion: forever new a/w 2011

confession time: i had never heard of the australian brand forever new before i came across their autumn/winter 2011 collection on fashionising.  i immediately felt very in the dark because my-oh-my this style is my style!  what a treat!   i mean, the show started with ballerinas!  if that isn't perfectly "kait-esque," i don't know what is!

but anways, on to the main show - the fabulous fashion --

and the TWO looks i most want (usually i can narrow it down to one... not this time!) --
 ~ ONE ~
that neckline!  that belt!  that silhouette!  whoooah baby...
 ~ TWO ~
 pretty sure i need this soft rose jacket in my life.  i mean, that back tie-bow?  perfection.

head on over to fashionising to see much, much more.  
truly - i just skimmed the surface of this collection's loveliness!

side note: also in love with the styling for the models.  especially the soft wave-curls.  woah.

* expect to see more of forever new here on pretty things in the future! *


  1. my last two clothing purchases have been forever new......
    great style, colours and price
    have a fab day lisa xx

  2. I'm a sucker for a white dress!!!

    And btw I LOVE ur outlook for tomorrow .. We all have battles to fight everyday .. Small or big .. And I just love the way u put it .. Have an awesome brave Friday!!!

  3. today my boss made a joke about opening a store in australia... i said ABSOLUTELY, because it meant i'd get the opportunity to own some forever new of my own!

    p.s. erica - i won my battle today :) still going to be a beast of a weekend though. oh well, just gonna wear my courage bracelet and throw on a smile!