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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fashion: LBD + leopard print scarf

annalynne mcord was spotted out and about shopping in L.A. and i'm completely in love with her casual style.  the LBD in question is super laid-back (not the traditional audrey-esque LBD we are used to, but i still want to add it in that category) and she paired it with comfy looking matching black flats, but what really pulls me in is the long leopard print scarf she added to give the look a pop.

now what is really drawing me in to the scarf is the way she is wearing it.  i'm a major scarf fan myself but i usually tie it more around my neck.  i know that the way annalynne is rocking her scarf is one potential way to do it, but i never really considered it for myself.  well, now that i've seen this particular look, i'm desperate to try it out for myself!  i'm not sure i have one quite long enough, but i really do want to try it.  i also have a cotton black dress that would look great with a scarf tied like this.  hopefully the outfit turns out as chic as hers!

p.s. from the back view you can see just how pretty and laid-back this dress is ::

pictures via the vogue diaries; dress and scarf labels unknown

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