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Friday, April 1, 2011

friday faves: 4.1.11

as promised - a longer friday faves than last week's brief list! 


~ ruler picture frame ~
 i don't have the actual directions for how to make this adorable clip-frame, but i think i just may be able to figure it out.  let's hope so because it's seriously fantastic!  from the fab blog, the lettered cottage

~ french canvas decor ~
that i super duper want.
these beautiful works of art are created with old french dictionary pages.  my fave is the "je rigole, tu rigoles..." one.  my years of french taught me just enough to know that this is the conjugation for the verb "rigoler" which means to laugh.
fyi - the first print is the conjugation of vivre which means to live [merci, michelle!] and the third print conjugates dormir which is to sleep.  adorable!
[from lily and lime, found on the blog dear designer]

~ framing chic shopping bags ~
but only when they are exceptionally chic and worth showing off - e.g. hermes.  (remember i wrote about my love of this idea here)
 image from the coveteur, via the decorista

~ scrabble pillows ~
i also adore the choice of "cozy" rather than "love" which seems to be ubiquitous.
found here but original source (unfortunately) unknown

~ this little breakfast nook ~
i heart nooks of all kinds, definitely including adorable little kitchen nooks such as this one.  i mean, can't you just imagine yourself sitting on the corner booth, drinking your morning tea and looking out through that lovely window?? i sure can :)
image found here 


~ turquoise fabulosity ~
at first when i saw this posted on the blog simply designed and etsy finds, i wanted the perfectly practical (yet still beautiful) satchel with all my heart.  then 5 minutes later all i could think of was those comfy-cute moccasins.  so i've decided - both are needed in my life.  simple as that.
available at Boden

~ more of mila kunis @ the oscars ~
yes i know i already declared this elie saab creation to be mila's best dress this awards season, but i just couldn't help but share another pic it.  i mean, she is just perfection.  the dress is too actually.  [image found on the vogue diaries]

~ jamie chung, beautiful in bright yellow ~
gown by giambattista valli.  drop.dead.gorgeous.  'nuff said.
it's no surprise she was voted best dressed of the week by both readers of red carpet fashion awards & the fashion critic blogger herself ~
best dressed of the week, indeed. 
~ michelle trachtenberg = marchesa goddess ~
it's times like these that i wish i were michelle t.  now only is she beautiful & talented, but she is wearing marchesa at a ball about ballet.  life crush times a million.  [from rcfa]
oh wait, she was also voted BDOTW @ red carpet fashion awards, the week before jamie chung!  guess we're all on the same page these days :)

fashion photography

~ a model & an elephant ~
 i mean, come on! - how could you not love this image?!  i just find it captivating.  honestly.  can't stop looking at it...
model samantha gradoville and unnamed elephant model.  photographed by sean & seng for pop magazine.  via.

 ~ b&w portraits ~
the gorgeous model eniko mihalik, shot by lachlan bailey in vogue china march 2009  [via]


~ hip, hip, hooray! ~
hey remember back in the day (erm, just a couple weeks ago) when i posted about a fab giveaway from sandy a la mode??
well... i won!
this was honestly the greatest part of a not-so-great week :)

* now onto some great giveaways you should enter *

~ the double whammy giveaway ~
 both $100 for gas money and $100 for clothes??  count me in!
enter for yourself over at shasta ann

~ simply lovely necklace ~

by lisbeth jewelry.  silver & rose gold, the perfect mixture & perfect level of simplicity.  can't help but desperately want it!  this beautiful necklace is being given away over at caroline & the city.

~ say it sweet giveaway ~
in honor of reaching 150 followers, the sweet lori over at penelope blue is hosting her first giveaway.  the winner gets their choice of an 8 x 10 print from the great etsy shop, say it sweet.  my fave is the picture shown above because i just love the english words: "i love thee with the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach."  love, love, love.
anyways, enter the giveaway for yourself here!

now a personal note...

 God is throwing quite a bit at me these days and this upcoming weekend of work will be the greatest test of my patience and endurance.  i am a strong believer that we are not given any more than we can handle, but that doesn't mean the "handling" part will be easy.  i know i will get through the weekend, but i also know that it will take nearly every inch of my energy.
so please, dear followers & visitors, send me some happy thoughts.  that's all - just some happy thoughts please :)


  1. i just KNEW i'd been saving my favorite shopping bags for a reason!!! framing them in a walk-in closet is the perfect way to display them - thanks so much for the inspiration my dear!

    xo happy weekend!

  2. Love Mila Kunis in that lavender dress... actually, love her entire collection awards season outfits.

    PS I think you meant 'vivre which means to live'
    I love the idea of making something new and gorgeous with something as mundane as pages from a dictionary... but them being in French just make them so much more chic, n'est-ce pas?

  3. ahhh "un typo!" bien sur, vivre = "to live." merci!

    et je suis d'accord avec toi, tout est plus chic en francais (i really hope that makes sense -- it's been several years since my last conversation en francais!)