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Monday, September 6, 2010

decor: gallery walls galore

gallery walls everywhere
[sorry in advance for the photo overload!]

walkway/general space:
living room:
dining room:
even in stores...
...kate spade stores, of course!

so why have i been so obsessed with gallery walls lately?  well, other than the obvious answer, "they're awesome," i've been trying to decide what to do in my own bedroom.  it's virtually a closet... minus the closet... but i am motivated to make it my happy home, so i want to put up as many pictures/knickknacks/deocrations as i can -- just litter my walls with all things that make me happy & inspired.  basically, turn my wall into a physical representation of my blog :)

i'm going to attempt to tackle this massive task & create my own
organized chaos.
pretty/quirky/funny/calming/memorable/inspirational/romantic chaos.

stay tuned.

[even] more inspiration :

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  1. I love gallery walls! They give a space the wow factor and are such a fun look!

  2. Oh, I just loved your post - so much inspiration! I linked it to my gallery walls post too, just lovely!

  3. oh thank you! i can't help but just love gallery walls! i created one in my old apartment but unfortunately the pictures of it were on my computer which was stolen. otherwise i would definitely share because i think it ended up pretty cute :)