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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

celeb style: dianna agron at glee premiere

glee premiere @ hollywood's paramount studios
dianna was the prettiest of all the pretties
my thoughts:
1.  i think dianna agron has perfected vintage sexy.
2.  she looks both perfectly put together & perfectly glam - not an easy feat.
3.  that canary yellow is amazing on her.
4.  her soft waves are to die for.
5.  minimal makeup is definitely the sexiest look.
6.  clavicles are definitely the sexiest body part.
7.  i love the black detailing, it adds a unique edge to a classic dress shape.
8.  but that dress shape is classic for a reason -- it looks incredible.
9.  even her stance is impeccable!
10.  this really, really is perfect.  sigh.

oh.  and it's carolina herrera.  again! :)


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