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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

design: colorful doors

about a block away from my grandparents' vacation house there is a grey house with a beautiful purple door.  when i was younger, i always knew we were almost at our destination when i saw that purple door & would start to get really excited when we passed it.  consequently, i now have a love of funky, brightly colored front doors.  i think they are not only fun but also practical -- i mean, who would ever drive past the "house withthe purple door" & forget it's yours?! 
just take a look at some examples of brightly colored doors...


photo creds
lavendar: attic mag; bright purple: emily henson interiors [via  design*sponge]; light blue 1: decor pad  [via the zhush]; light blue 2: what the vita [via from the desk of annie]; light pink: dear world, you're pretty; fuchsia: creamy life; orange1: peden + munk [via destined to design]; orange 2 creamy life; green: creamy life; red: creamy life; yellow: veneer designs [via from the desk of annie


  1. one day i fully intend to have a purple door!

  2. I love a brightly coloured door! Says something great about the home owner, I think.

  3. These are amazing, loving your blog, so glad you found me.

  4. I love colorful doors! Love your blog. just became a follower :)