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Saturday, September 18, 2010

my room: clothing storage

i've mentioned it before, but i'll say it again : i live in a closet.  my room's dimensions are roughly 7' x 6'.  what's worse, it doesn't even have a closet of its own.  so far, i've been sharing a small closet with my roommate, but i would love to be able to bring more clothes to the apartment [the majority of my clothing is at my parents house, an hour drive from my apartment and half hour drive from work; i go there often but still...] & ideally keep some in my own room.  i'm desperate to create some storage in my room to keep clothes, but the problem is that i prefer to hang about 75% of what i own [wrinkles = my nemesis] & there isn't room for a proper wardrobe... nor can i actually afford it.  i've been playing around with the idea of just getting a clothes rack, the kind of simple structure designed to hold out-of-season gear, tucked away in a basement or spare room.  but these are ugly.  & i don't want ugly in my room - shiny metal just doesn't work with my bright & happy decor.  thankfully, i recently came across an image that has inspired me to suck it up and buy one of these racks :

i love that the metal is wrapped in some sort of pretty fabric!  i could definitely do this - i would probably do a solid fabric in aqua, yellow, or pink [main colors in my room].  maybe ribbon would work well?
either way, i'm feeling better about this whole situation :)

first found on decor8

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  1. That is really a great idea, those racks are huge eye sores in any room. The fabric makes it look so nice though. You should do it.