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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i want: jackie/marilyn book

i found out about this upcoming book on the amazing blog a diary of lovely & immediately wanted to read it.  i've been obsessed with marilyn monroe & all things 1950's since a young age, & my room is littered with pictures & calendars of marilyn [& audrey hepburn]. unfortunately, the book is not out until oct. 28.  in the meantime, i decided to hope on over to vanity fair's website to take this quiz from the book, & find out which lovely lady i am most like.

the verdict?

overwhelmingly "marilyn."

interesting . . .
i don't know enough about jackie [other than her lergendary fashion] to really understand how i was chosen as marilyn, so i can't wait to read the book & find out more!

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