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Friday, September 3, 2010

etsy spotlight: claire la faye

with gorgeous pieces made of chiffon, satin, & feathers, designer claire la faye is more an artist than anything else.  her clothes are simultaneously classicly feminine/romantic, & still fashion-forward.  take a look at some of her etsy postings:

ballerina series tank tops:


like i said, art.
see her past collections & fall even more in love [my favorite is "let them eat cake"]

 items shown:
ballerina series tanks:  pinkblack, yellowblue
dresses:  short tulle wedding dress, pale pink chiffon dress, chiffon & feather gown, white dress with blue bow
first found on with this ring


  1. You selection is absolutely adorable,my dear Friend:-)*

    Wishyou lovely first september weekend,


  2. all of this is so beautiful... &you are right, more like art then even clothing. LOVE IT ALL! Thanks for sharing!