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Friday, August 13, 2010

to do: denim cut-off wine bag

so i've always been a bit of a pack rat; i refuse to throw away stained or ill-fitting clothes because, "who knows...."  most of the time i would just have the clothes/other worthless items sit for months or years before finally throwing them away, but every now and then i was glad i hung on to these scraps for times when feeling particularly crafty.  old jeans were the best to work with, i would make purses and bookmarks and, my favorite, pouches out of the back pocket -- i would decorate the denim and glue a magnet on the back to hang in my school lockers!
anyways, i'm no longet 11 so maybe it's time to look for more "big kid" crafts to make out of old clothing scraps...  and then i found directions on how to make

adorable wine bags
~ so chic ~

directions here !

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