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Thursday, August 26, 2010

fashion: bridal by maria lucia hohan

i first saw gowns by maria lucia hohan on the ultra-fab blog, the cherry blossom girl, where i immediately fell in love.  here are some pics [taken by the cherry blossom girl herself] of the designer's studio:

everything i love: flowy chiffon, ruffles, corset tops, soft colors, flowers, & bows.  yessss!

well maria lucia hohan has popped up again on the cherry blossom girl blog...
this time it's for blogger alix's wedding dress!
check it out here, here, & [definitely!] here

here are some pictures of her [custom-made!] dress:
[photo by marianne taylor]

:: sigh ::
so beautiful.

when i was finally able to catch my breath after viewing such gorgeous photos, i immediately jumped over to mlh bridal gowns.
and then i lost my breath again!!

it was hard to choose my favorites, but after much deliberation, here they are:


absolutely amazing.

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  1. Amazed me those chort wedding dress in vanilie color...OH,My!!!

    Lovely,just beautiful creations:-)*