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Friday, July 8, 2011

friday faves: 7.8.11

back to friday faves, my lovely readers!  and oh boy do i have some good ones this week!


chic nook
this lil nook by designer melanie coddington is my idea of perfection - classy, simple, feminine, relaxing.  i could absolutely see myself curling up here and reading the day away...
 found on design*sponge

kitchen window nook
more nooks!  clearly i'm obsessed :)
that green color, the cream everything else, and that thick cushion that looks oh-so-comfy.  want.


elle fanning in marc jacobs
the girl can pull off couture like no other youngin' and i just love her retro-pretty style.  plus she's just so pretty! {think if i compliment her enough she'll let me borrow this gorgeous dress?!  hey, worth a try!}
picture from getty images, via

SJP channels her animal side in D&G
at the 25th anniversary of "annie" where she presented an award
not always the biggest animal print fan, but when it's done right it's amazing.  and if anyone can "do it right," it's the superstar-fashionista sarah jessica parker herself!
{sorry, best pic i could find.  from rcfa}
p.s. the gown helen mirren wore a few months back was also animal print and also dolce + gabbana - they must be on a roll!


le petit prince journals
all-time fave book in journal form = love
{you can buy it for me - and make my day!! - here}

i want to be a monkey
if i could be any animal, i'd be a monkey.  i would climb trees and enjoy still having fingers and show love by cleaning my friends... and hug little girls like this.  and be happy :)
i mean really, who wouldn't want to be a monkey?!
found on best week ever blog but first posted on cute overload
**correction: this is a sloth not a monkey!  but i would still be a monkey.  and i would still hug little girls and it would still probably be just as cute as this.

i'm back to spreading the word about some GREAT giveaways in the bloggy world - whoo hoo!  here's a few ending soon soon soon, so get on it!

preppy personalized platters
by dani notes, selection found here.  the always fabulous kiki's list is offering up this giveaway.  if i were lucky enough to win, i would choose the prettypretty platter pictured above.  then again, i would be just as happy if one of my sweet readers one so head on over to enter for yourself :)

fabulous flower accessories
wild & precious always highlights the cutest things!  this time it is the etsy shop the lovely poppy, who makes truly lovely headbands and necklaces and other cute accessories with bright and pretty flower accents.  i definitely encourage you to check out this etsy site and to go to wild & precious to enter for the $20 gift certificate!

have a lovely lovely weekend!

i'll be spending it with my lovely friends downtown checking out a blues club i've never been to, then off to waverly island soaking up the sun.  oh, and then sunday at the office.  can't ever totally get away from my workaholic ways!

xx, kait


  1. Lovely finds! That kitchen is beautiful. :)

  2. I love little nooks/window seats... this one is so sweet! Have a great weekend, Cutie!! xo

  3. **CORRECTION! it is a sloth not a monkey! thanks for catching that :)