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Monday, July 4, 2011

i want: dior 001

{note: sorry for being such a terrible blogger!  i've actually driven roughly 25 hours in the past seven days - back and forth to iowa - and when i'm not on the road, i'm working.  but i promise to be better!}

today's obsession . . .

meet the dior 001, the modern woman's weapon of choice!

what exactly is the dior 001, you ask?  it's a flippin' awesome "weapon of beauty" that contains everything you could possibly need for a night out - meds, an antique hairpin (although i would prefer the garden-variety bobby pin), lipgloss, even a usb stick and silver bar (which i don't quite understand.  but whateves).  plus it's super chic with 18 carat gold and all.  plus it looks like a gun which is always good for us city gals out late at night. 

my fave part - the lip gloss component

like i said, awesome-sauce.

*found on design crush

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