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Monday, September 27, 2010

design: dreamy playroom

well... i think it's a playroom.  either way, it's incredible.
- tree branch with birds.  it makes this room like a whimsical woodland.
- light blue wall.  looks like the sky.
- sheer curtains.  soft & lovely.
- hanging canopy to make the dreamiest little nook. 

maybe this is a child's room, maybe it's not.  either way, i want it to be my room!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

fashion: white valentino dress

maryna linchuk in an incredible valentino dress ... i want, i  want, i want.

seriously gorgeous.

from vogue paris, february 2007
by photographer mario testino

Friday, September 24, 2010

celeb style: kristen bell = sunshiney pretty in valentino

at the "you again" l.a. premiere:
love this!
yellow looks incredible on her, & the lace is simply lovely.  oh, and the nude brian atwood sandals??  super love!

pretty picture: resting on the steps

something about this photo makes me want to travel to some old city, most likely in europe, walk around like a tourist & just revel in the beauty of architecture that has seen generations & generations of fellow wanderers.  & then when i'm tired, plop down on the steps and just be.

funny how a photo can illicit so many emotions & daydreams!
maybe one day...

susan eldride for vogue deustch

Thursday, September 23, 2010

link love 9.22.10

design & decor:
- incredibly creative uses for old cabinet doors
- an fabulously design home
- an ode to hermes boxes [with a super cute story!]
- so, in case you haven't seen this in the blog-o-sphere, check out the coolest tub ever.  seriously.
- framed wallpaper : love this!
- most incredible ottoman possible.
- fun & colorful rooms
- is purple the color of 2011??  hell yeah! [& the color of all years for me!]
- oscar de la renta inspired interiors

- blazer & tennies = one of my fave looks!
- awesome fall fashion looks: prep, date night, chic, & weekends in new england... i actually love all of these looks & would definitely wear them!
- 2 ways to be mrs. business
- food & fashion pairings
- black & grey outfit

- an ode to bicycles & bicycle inspired design
- "breakfast club" stereotypes done by etsy.  [my faves are from "the princess," although i would say my stereotype would have to mix in elements of "the brain" & "teacher's pet"]
- does it make me a lush if i want this soap dispenser?!
- completely adorable, completely unnecessary, abc ice cube tray

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pretty picture: cowgirl

....who is simply stunning
mona johannesson by jimmy backius

**you should definitely check out the whole photoshoot here**

pretty picture: try not to be happy

...when looking at this photo:

seriously -- try.
i looooove the model's joy & playfulness in this shot!

p.s. it makes me kinda want bright red rain boots.  hmm...

photo from marie claire, stylist jane roarty

wedding wednesday: ruffley cakes

...possibly too beautiful to eat!

first found on the lovely bride

intro: wedding wednesdays

i want to introduce a new weekly segment here @ pretty things : wedding wednesdays.

i sort of have a thing for weddings -- it's not like i am planning my own or anything [in my opinion i'm far too young to even start thinking of this... at this point, in my early 20's, i can't forsee settling down any time soon.], but i love all the details of weddings : the decorations, the cake, the location, & especially the dress.  i think it's the event planner side of me :)

so anyways, every wednesday i'm going to try and highlight one pretty wedding-related thing :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

design: pretty purple armchair & art

 i just can't get over how beautifully this lavender armchair goes with the incredible artwork above the fireplace.  wow.

first found on little blue deer

pretty pictures: day in the city

carefree romp around the big city


and my fave...
fun, fun, fun!

"the clash" editorial: edda p. by goliena rentmeester for UK glamour

Monday, September 20, 2010

celeb style: brigitte bardot hair

model alexa chung [guess i'm kinda loving alexa today!] rocking the teased up "coucroute" [french term for sauerkraut] made so famous by the lovely bardot:

i love, love, looooove this laid-back sexy look.

image via moodboard

pretty pictures: effortlessly cool [in b&w]

alexa chung in pepe jeans fall campain 2k10

i think this is an incredible ad campaign.  why?  because it makes me think that if wearing their clothing could make me look this effortlessly cool, then damnit where can i buy it?!  i especially love the look in the 2nd pic -- jeans, jean jacket, scarf, and badass attitude.  seriously, i want.
gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.  gorgeous, gorgeous models.

design: lovely white living room

- white nearly everything... then pop of pale pink color.  perfect.
- candelabras [see in mirror!]
- ridiculously ornate & incredible chandelier
...but mostly...
how symmetrical the room is.  seriously, check out that incredible symmetry.  it's to die for.

[first found on kim myles]

celeb style: carey mulligan for vogue, oct 2010

on the cover
i loooove her pixie cut!
rocking valentino haute couture [my fave over-the-top dress!]
... & then look at this stunning photo:

she is the definition of cute-beautiful.

reblog: guide to wicker park

this article is amazing!  going to chicago?  then go to wicker park & check out some of these fab places that are described!  [how do i know?  well... i happen to live in WP & can personally attest to its awesomeness]

i'd like to add my fave sports bar/restaurant, boundary :)

decor: coolest purple chandelier

i think i need this in my bedroom.  now.

photo from the floral lab

pretty picture: romantic fun on bikes

how fun does this look?!  & what a great date?!
unsafe... but fun!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

design: coral & gray bedroom

- color scheme. 
- curtains. looks soo luxe!
- incredible chandelier. obviously.
- window seat.  i looove window seats.
- puffy pinky-coral headboard.
- mixing different shades of gray
- overall gorgeous-ness of bedroom!

photo courtesy of country living

i want: tie tea

i love tea.  but it's not fun when you lose the tea bag in the hot water.  thus, i want tie tea by george lee:

problem is, i don't think it's for sale.
major bummer.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

celeb style: natalie portman - pt. 2

natalie portman strikes again!  this time at the toronto film festival.

dress by jason wu.

not just the amazing dress, but also her soft waves & black clutch/shoes [i much prefer her black pumps to the models grey wrappy platforms]

my room: clothing storage

i've mentioned it before, but i'll say it again : i live in a closet.  my room's dimensions are roughly 7' x 6'.  what's worse, it doesn't even have a closet of its own.  so far, i've been sharing a small closet with my roommate, but i would love to be able to bring more clothes to the apartment [the majority of my clothing is at my parents house, an hour drive from my apartment and half hour drive from work; i go there often but still...] & ideally keep some in my own room.  i'm desperate to create some storage in my room to keep clothes, but the problem is that i prefer to hang about 75% of what i own [wrinkles = my nemesis] & there isn't room for a proper wardrobe... nor can i actually afford it.  i've been playing around with the idea of just getting a clothes rack, the kind of simple structure designed to hold out-of-season gear, tucked away in a basement or spare room.  but these are ugly.  & i don't want ugly in my room - shiny metal just doesn't work with my bright & happy decor.  thankfully, i recently came across an image that has inspired me to suck it up and buy one of these racks :

i love that the metal is wrapped in some sort of pretty fabric!  i could definitely do this - i would probably do a solid fabric in aqua, yellow, or pink [main colors in my room].  maybe ribbon would work well?
either way, i'm feeling better about this whole situation :)

first found on decor8

link love: 9.18.10

i do the searching so you don't have to :)

design & decor:
window treatments: bold patterns
- incredible photography [& design!]
- need inspiration? -> cool vintage collections
- more inspiration: indian design amazingness
- i keep getting drawn to colorful doors.  here are even more!
- brightly colored upcycled candle holders
- black & pink [including a pretty pink chandelier]
lighting love

- not sure how i feel about this as a wedding dress per se, but it's incredibly gorgeous
- lovely outfit [& purse!] by the cherry blossom girl
eva mendes looks incredible... & i want her dress!!

- incredibly cute printable notecard
- i don't typically like gold, but there's a whole lot of pretty in this golden touch post
- to commemorate my new office job, i think i need this incredible jonathan adler gear
- i'm glad someone shares in my love of polka dots
- adorable little kiddos
- *hilarious* cards
- i want this picnic backpack!
- this week's purple love
gold & lilac
nerd alert!!

celeb style: drew barrymore in couture

i have a confession ... i'm not the biggest drew fan.  especially with her two-toned hair as of late.  but there's no way i will deny how incredible she looks in this harper's bazaar photoshoot.  wow.  look [my faves are the largest] :

chanel couture angel:

coppery sparkle in gaultier paris & givenchy couture glam
beige beauty in armani privĂ© & fun dior couture party      
timeless classic in valentino couture

breathtaking in atelier versace

yeah, drew can rock some couture.
beautiful clothes, beautiful woman, beautiful photography.

harper's bazaar oct 2010 

Friday, September 17, 2010

design: red & blue dining room

-huge windows...
-...with luxe looking deep grey curtains
- dark wood floors
- curved shape of room
- incredibly cool lighting [is this coral or tree inspired??  i see tree, but the color is more reminiscent of sea coral... just wondering your thoughts.]
** mix of sky blue & bright red/almost reddish orange.  looove. **

design: swirl bookcase

coolest bookcase ever?
quite possibly.
but definitely in the top ten.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

link love: 10.15.10

some links to check out.  some are new, some are old, but all are fab.
- ridiculously incredible rug
-highlighting my fave color, the underestimated purple
- more purple!  well, technically it's plum
- european trulli houses that will take your breath away
- decor meets beauty [inspired by opi]
- more incredible front doors. wow.
- fun & colorful fridges

- is a great shoe sale the next best thing to sex?  um, yes.
- zara kids = cutest kids & cutest fashion ever.
- blogger wishlist - shari & dj -- i want all things on both wishlists!
- i truly could not think of a more perfect outfit for fall.  this is me.
- shoe & purse soulmates by etsy
- lingerie inspiration board
- i love totes!

- manual to long distance relationships

-another fave: audrey hepburn.  aka, the girl who sure knows how to do a makeover movie
- i want to live a pink life ~ fab pink pics!
- why not...improve your life - part deux
- an ode to bicycles
- an ode to emmanuelle beart
- i heart fishtail braids

celeb style: blake lively at premiere of "the town"

miss blake lively in antonio berardi:

love. this. look.
[which is no shock, considering i love most of blake's fashion choices]
-fabulously fitting LBD...
-...with incredible neckline!  & lace!
-tan shoes.  love.
-sleek hairstyle & minimal makeup

pic courtesy of celebitchy

one more for good measure:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pretty pictures: vintage vixen at the pool

summer is coming to a close & i'm heartbroken. 
these pictures make me even more heartbroken:

and especially this one:

there is nothing better than reading near the water on a sunny day.  well, maybe reading near the water on a sunny day and looking like a vintage vixen!

[but boy-oh-boy do i already miss summer.  and it's only mid-september.  damn.]

by photographer allanah hill