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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pretty picture: fun on bicycles

Love b&w photography, bicycles, & girls having FUN!

[unfortunately, these cute chicas are missing helmets!  my lovely roomie, with her sexy pink helmet would definitely disapprove!]

Saturday, July 24, 2010

design: calming living room

love this living room:
what jumps out at me:
- simple design
- beautiful aqua blue as only color
- gray [or silver?] bird mural/wallpaper
all in all, I think this room is beautiful and has a really calming feel

found on the blog AphroChic

i want: bejeweled shoes

bejeweled Miu Miu sandals
The front of the sandals show a super pretty blend of metallic blue, silver, and gold criss-cross straps; the back adds a surprising cluster of gems, adding a glam touch - so fun

Friday, July 23, 2010

i want: california cutting board

i love california, i have so many happy memories there and cannot stop dreaming of a day where i am finally able to pack up and leave the Midwest for the Golden State. needless to say, i am currently stuck out in the hot and muggy middle of America, meaning that i am magnetically drawn to any reminder of my favorite state. today i found a California cutting board! :

ohhh I would love to serve up some brie off this pretty board! and the heart over L.A.? - how clever!

design: unique kitchen seating area

check it out:
what i love about this kitchen seating area:
- tall purple seats
- dark tile
** unique candelabra! **
 i could totally see myself eating cereal and reading the newspaper here in the morning :)

to do: DIY decor

I'm a fairly crafty girl and I'm also on what the roomies and I like to call a "bujay" [think "budget" pronounced with a terrible fake-French accent].  The natural solution to overcoming this decorating obstacle is creating my own unique designs.  Here is a sampling of DIY projects I have found, to be filed away for when I have the time and drive to make them.

floating vase

tea cup candle

vintage wallpaper coasters:

~~I'm super excited to tackle these projects and when I finally do, I'll definitely post pictures!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i want: flowered nude shoes

mugnai high-heeled sandals
~ how perfect would these shoes be with a sundress?! ~
[look at the Primavera-Estate 2010 collection for many more beautiful shoes of all shapes and styles with attached flowers.]

fashion: valentino resort 2011

Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli certainly have had big shoes to fill - Valentino Garavani's designs have been synonymous with sexy and glamorous for decades now.  But if you had any doubt they could rise to the challenge, check out the Valentino Resort 2011 collection.  Two reoccuring details in this ultra feminine collection are lace and bows... so obviously I'm in love!!  Here are some personal faves:
breathtaking gowns:

cocktail dresses: 

LOVE this collection!  And the tan and black shoes with lovely bows?!  Perfect.

fashion: bows on shoes

I love bows.  I love shoes.  I love bows on shoes.  Here's just a few I love:

chanel flats [2009 cruise collection]
ballerina flats + satin + pearls + bow = perfect for kait.  sigh.

valentino satin sandals:
oh. em. gee.  I WANT THESE SHOES!!
buy them for me here  [size 7 please.  thanks in advance]

Ridiculously pretty purple heels:
why i love these shoes: knot bow, deep purple color, satin
found on the blog the short and sweet of it.  

 ~ LOVES IT! ~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

to do: scrabble picture frames

scrabble picture frames:
WOAH! Is this not the cutest idea you've ever seen?! -- and definitely doable!
found on the blog alkemie

design: fashion as decor

I love interior design, fashion, and all things feminine and fun.  So imagine how happy I was when I came across this post on the blog alkemie, which highlights a room on the British website 1st Option.  The room itself is simply beautiful - possibly a little overwhelming to actually live in, but lovely as a piece of design art.  There are many little details in this space that I absolutely love, but for right now I will just point out the creative use of fashion as wall decor.  Here are my two favorite examples:

Beautiful frilly dresses hung as artwork in a bedroom:
More dresses as decor, along with lovely pink heels hanging on empty wall space:

If you like this "Bohemian Chic meets the Modern Marie Antoinette," to quote alkemie blogger Karen Olivia, definitely check out the rest of the article and oooh and aaah over its extravagance.

Monday, July 19, 2010

design: color coded bookcases

If I ever own a bookstore [dream], I hope it's as beautiful as this one shown below! This is a picture of an actual bookstore in SF [in 2004]. The owner, Chris Cobb, and his 16 volunteer helpers stayed up all night organizing the entire store's inventory by color. Why?, you ask. It's impractical and a waste of time, you say.
Why? For beauty. Just for beauty.

 Just look:
read the interview with Chris Cobb here

"Even though there is so much to be unhappy about in this world, we should try to create something amazing and beautiful and interesting despite all of the problems."

-Chris Cobb, owner of Adobe Books in SF.  [quotation from this post]

Even though I likely will never own a bookstore I still could create a beautiful color-coded bookshelf in my own home.  Here are some example of personal bookshelves:

-- both images found on the tumblr site book lovers never go to bed alone --
-- soundtrack for this post: "All This Beauty" by The Weepies --

i want: rose & aqua earrings

today i want: these super sweet rose & aqua earrings.  ultra fem, ultra cute.
by etsy designer tamar

decor: throw pillows

The quickest and cheapest way to update a couch or funky-fy a boring bedspread is by adding a few fun pillows.  Here are just a couple of pillows that have grabbed my attention lately:

white rose pillow cover: west elm designs
bow pillow: secdus
owl pillow: heartzeena
tree pillow: kainkain

Sunday, July 18, 2010

design: getting creative with bookcases

I love books.  I love design.  Thus, I love bookcase design. 

In my mind, a bookcase is an integral of any room - here is a perfect example of how a bookcase is not just an addition to a room, but rather, a necessary part of its very structure:
The only thing that could make this wall o' books better is if the window were even larger [perhaps a full bay window?] and accompanied by a plush cusion - the perfect place to curl up and read after choosing one of the hundreds of books that border the little nook. 

bookcase door
how creative and practical!

via apartment therapy

~all designs to file away in my "one day" idea cabinet! ~

fashion: feminine frocks

my magnetic attraction to all things soft and feminine has continued. 
here are just a few favorite pieces of the day:

  vintage coral dress:
Things I love about this vintage dress: deep pink color [reminds me of the fairy from the Disney film "Sleeping Beauty" - a fave!], the flowing chiffon, the sheer sleeves with flower detail on the shoulder, the combo of a sweetheart neckline and sheer covering - a perfect way to show off skin while not showing too much!

oysters and pearls dress:
I cannot express how much I love this dress, and also how impressed I am that it was made by not a well-known couture fashion designer, but an etsy designer out of Portland.  If only it weren't $900!!

ultra fem & frilly wedding dress:
by designer Makany Marta

Saturday, July 17, 2010

fashion: elie saab spring 2010

actress anna kendrick at the oscars:
there is absolutely nothing that I don't love about this dress, and Anna Kendrick wore it beautifully.  I love the soft rose color, the subtle draping, the flowing material, the flower at the top, the lace lining... everything!  I especially love the changes Kendrick [or, rather, her stylist] made to the original Elie Saab dress - lining the dress, lowering the slit, wearing it off the shoulder.  When it comes to feminine formal, I cannot think of anything more perfect than this.

 nude cocktail dress:
cap sleeves + sweetheart neckline = lovely

tan gown:

 rose formal gown:

aqua formal gown:

actress rachel mcadams at the oscars:
Anna Kendrick wasn't the only gorgeous actress at the 2010 Oscars donning a gorgeous Elie Saab dress - check out Rachel McAdams in this soft watercolor dress!  I have a slight love affair with Rachel McAdams; I think she is simply beautiful and a fun actress to watch - the best compliment I've ever gotten is that I look like her [a claim I find untrue, but still...]!  I think the best part about this dress is the sweetheart neckline complimented by the criss-cross fabric on the bodice.  Oh, and that it looks perfect on the perfect actress!

Friday, July 16, 2010

etsy spotlight: dear colleen

meet etsy artist dear colleen and take a look at her absolutely adorable prints.

my favorite is definitely the "gin and tonic" one - too fun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

design: couch wrapped with a bow

ridiculously gorgeous couch:
Most people know that as far as fashion goes, there are two things that fit perfectly into my classic and feminine 1950's aesthetic: b&w, and bows.... and there's a couch that combines the two?!  Soo lovely!
~I got this from the blogger, little blue deer.  Here is the article, I suggest looking at it because there is also a matching bench and an absolutely breathtaking LBD

Monday, July 12, 2010

design: card catalog as home furniture

 card catalog as hallway storage:
Not only do I love this idea, but we actually have one in my parents' house!  It's amazingly practical, unique, and just perfect for bookworms :)
~from the blog : sf girl by bay.  link to article

Sunday, July 11, 2010

design: chalkboard calendar

calendar week chalkboard vinyl decals set:
SO cute and practical!!  here is the designer's etsy shop: a sign of the times
[i also love the "wine is bottled poetry" sign - it would be perfect in a home bar!!]

Saturday, July 10, 2010

idea: hanging vases

design idea: hanging bottles as vases.  
super easy to do, unique, and laid-back beautiful.  
check out this photo:

more examples found in the article from the blog, thats happy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fashion: black lace dress

"modern gypsy couture dress" :
so i personally wouldn't wear this, but it combines two of my favorite fashion details: cap sleeves & black lace.  soo pretty.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

i want: chandelier message board

from etsy's post on southern gothic:

a message board that truly looks like art! 
by artist Next Door to Heaven