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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wedding wednesday: ruffled hair accessories

ruffled blog is an all-time fave wedding inspiration site, full of beauty and whimsy.  but what i realized just the other day is that the blog's new shop also has some seriously amazing hair fascinators.  here are my four faves --

hair adornments by tessa kim.  head on over to her site to see many many more pretty pieces!

so excited for this new ruffled shop and expect a post on some of their incredible vintage-inspired dresses for next week's wedding wednesday!

shop: 1. blush pink flowers; 2. garden rose; 3. rhinestone headband; 4. vintage bridal cap

Saturday, August 27, 2011

pretty pictures: in vogue germany june 2011

while the boy is off in the basement discussing things with the electrician, i thought i'd sneak away for a minute to share with you this gorgeous editorial.

i have a true soft spot for photo shoots that expose the "behind the scenes" aspect of a photo shoot.  even though we know that the whole thing is actually perfectly styled, it's still fun to think that we are watching these beautiful models pose and prepare.  it's as if we have found them in an intimate moment, meant to be hidden from the camera but still somehow captured...

{i especially love the shots in black & white!}

models karolina kurkova & archie drury, photographed by alexi lubomirski
via oh fashion model

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wedding wednesday: chic charlotte wedding

the whole design of this wedding - from the dresses to the dance floor - is to die for.  just so, soo chic.  deep gray bridesmaids dresses, black and white and soft pink, bling without being too gaudy... classic & classy yet still modern.  aka, perfection.  hop on over to style me pretty for all the stunning details but here i just want to share some beautiful photographs of the little touches that make a huge event really stand out :

it's all about the details in this wedding!  
then again, the bride & groom's happiness in this photo has to be the highlight of it all:

beautiful images by kristin vining photography

Monday, August 22, 2011

celeb style: kiernan skipka's chic LWD

image lately i've been trying to rock the LWD - little white dress.  i have two main ones and they both have virtually the same silhouette, 50's-esque with a form-fitting bodice and a-line skirt, with some sort of texture or subtle pattern throughout.  guess i have a very predictable style!  i love these two LWDs but would also love one with a little more flair - some touch of color or a more unique silhouette... and then i saw the precociously chic kiernan skipka at "glee: the 3D concert movie" LA premiere :

girl is ROCKING this!  and although i'm usually a big belt supporter, i love its omission here.  ohh kiernan, how are you so stinkin' adorable?!

via red carpet fashion awards

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wedding wednesday: an iowa affair

man oh man am i a terrible blogger - no posts in well over a week, and after i promised to be better!  ohhh buddy... seriously gotta get back in the game.  problem is that God keeps throwing out curveballs and my life keeps on changing drastically.  one of these newest changes, i moved to iowa.  wha-wha-what?!  yup, bye-bye chicago, hellooooo des moines!  potentially a bizarre move - at least that's what virtually everyone keeps telling me - but i have my reasons and couldn't be happier.  [*note: these reasons will be explained when i FINALLY start up my second blog in the hopefully near future!]  so i figured it would be appropriate to share pics from a fun iowa wedding for this week's wedding wednesday, the first in longer than i would like to admit...

but without further ado, one of the sweetest wedding dresses i've ever seen, and on such a pretty & happy bride ::

happiest couple!

just check out that dress!

detail shot

seriously happiest bride ~ and love love those twinkle lights in the background

one last pretty picture of the loving couple 

iowa sure has some cute, happy, & chic people!  

dress by henry roth, a designer i now need to research extensively~
all beautiful photos shot by gina zeidler
found on ruffled blog

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a personal post: two-four

birthday time! 2 - 4.  twenty four!  as of yesterday, actually.  2 + 4 = 8.  8 = birthday month & date.  result = 24 will be a great (rhymes with 8) year.  --that's my type of math.  weird, yes, but makes sense in my mind!

despite the poor grammar, i love love love this e-card sent to me by my lovely ex-assistant, stephanie

feeling pretty good about this year - have a lot of goals and aspirations and big changes coming my way so it should at least be quite the ride.

one of those goals/aspirations/changes is a SECOND BLOG!  i've mentioned it here a few times, and debated if i should start a new bloggy blog or just include "more serious" posts right here.  welp, i decided to go with new blog because i really like organization and would like to organize my thoughts into two different places: pretty things that catch my eye and inspire me; and random thoughts and musings that are slightly more personal or potentially serious.  i used to write all the time but put it on the back burner as my life got more hectic and "adult."  journaling used to be my favorite hobby - the best therapy, the best use of pent up creativity, the best outlet for expression.  so why the heck did i stop?!  because life got in the way.  isn't that how it always is? : when there is actually something to write about, we are too busy with that something to write at all.  pathetic irony. so moral of the story is i'm stopping that cycle of a writing-free life and starting up again.  who knows how often i will post and who knows what i will be writing about - really whatever is on my mind grapes.  but i have a feeling it will be just fabulous! 

*look forward to the "big launch" tomorrow & hopefully will see you over on blog #2!

just found on this on one of my fave sites, so obviously had to add it to my birthday post!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

pretty pictures: mia wasikowska in harper's bazaar australia

note: OK before i get to the super pretty pictures, i'd like to sincerely apologize for the weeks of being completely M.I.A. [side note: i was M.I.A.  now i'm doing a post on the beautiful MIA wasikowska.  because not only is she beautiful but also because i am a sucker for a punny pun!]  but back to the missing blogger.  my life has been in a completely state of flux.  and although this is a prime time for documenting pretty things, there has been one major conflict in doing so : i've been sick.  yes, that is my ├╝ber glamorous excuse.  i have been bed-ridden and without internet for over a week.  before this i was traveling.  so basically, no computer/internet time.  no blogging time.  except i had all the time in the world while stuck in bed - miserable, miserable irony.

but i'm back.... i hope.  i'm posting now because i can and because i am just so apologetic for the absence and just so lonely without the blogosphere [oh dear, did i just admit that?!].  but i can't really commit to being "back" fully.  with all going on, and with this ridonculous health junk, "commitment" is not really a word in my current vocabulary.  but i promise, promise, promise to try my bestest to keep the pretty things coming!  so please keep the sweet comments coming.  i can't stress how much i love them :)

as for the gorgeous photo shoot i can't wait to post...

here is pixie-perfect actress mia wasikowska, photographed by will davidson for this month's harper's bazaar australia.

and one last perfect picture, the lovely mia up close & personal - within minimal makeup no less

i hope to be writing a lot more in the coming days and weeks - most posts on beautiful things in the world, and perhaps a new second blog filled with my eclectic thoughts and musings.  just something to satisfy that need to write and overcome that fear of sharing my writings.  we'll see...

scanned by dustjacket attic