about me

about me

the vitals
name:  kait
age:  24
location:  des moines, ia
my life:  just moved from chicagoland to iowa.  now decorating and renovating a newly purchased home, enjoying a new city, and working a new job.  a lot of new in my life these days!
why i started this blog:  i started pretty things to be my creative outlet during a my quarter[ish] life crisis.  i was nannying & had been for a year, but was not happy.  problem was, i saw no escape because not only did i have an incredibly close relationship with the family, but i also began to believe i was not capable of anything other than childcare.  i have high aspirations but felt trapped.... so i turned to my blogs.  reading fashion & design blogs became my stress relief, my escape from the life of a 23 year old mother of 3 adolescents, into the world of creativity & beauty.  i wanted a place to organize my favorite images & ideas, so i decided to make my own blog.  i am not, nor do i claim to be, an expert on anything found in this blog, it is just a hobby & a passion. 

what you can expect:  interior design, fashion, fashion photography, art, & other "pretty things."  the tagline says it all : all that inspires, intrigues, & enchants.

what you can't expect: negativity.  this is a collection of what i find to be beautiful, not a critique of trends.  not that i don't enjoy blogs like that [i actually love them!], but that's just not what i want this to be.

name origin:  sometimes i think of changing my blog's name to something more creative or less childish, but the phrase "pretty things" has some personal meaning to me.  when i was in high school, one of my favorite pastimes was getting together with my best friend, sitting on my bed, & looking through magazines.  we would oohh & ahh over the designs of clothes & furniture we could never afford, & pick out what the other would buy had she the money.  my friend always said that i was the queen of "pretty things."  my style wasn't preppy or feminine or boho or anything typically labeled in the fashion/design world, but amy knew what i would buy because it was pretty.  so i've decided to continue that trend, not labeling my style but just saying : "i like pretty things."

my aesthetic
design:  classic & quirky. a touch of boho.  bookcases. chandeliers. clean lines. b&w. brocade. accent colors. big windows. throw pillows. fireplaces. framed pictures. lots of framed pictures.
fashion:  [virtually the same]  classic & quirky.  super feminine. bows. a-line skirts. corsets. beading. 50's inspired. silver jewelry. lots of jewelry. emphasis on detail. polka dots. tulle. LBDs. heels. also flats. headbands.
design: birds & trees. especially owls. gallery walls. intricate organization.
fashion: sparkly. belted waists. LWDs. capped sleeves. animal print with bright colors.

---> anything else you want to know?
you can always email me - i love getting emails & getting to know fellow bloggers better!  kait.prettythings@gmail.com