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Monday, January 31, 2011

reblog: best dressed at SAG awards

my tops =
5. jayma maysin jenny packham - sooo much more flattering than her globes look!  man she is gorgeous.
4. heather morris in romona keveza.  flawless.
3. tina fey, aka liz lemon, in osca de la renta
2. mila kunis's boho chic look, courtesy of alexander mcqueen
1. julia stiles in monique lhuillier.  because i've been in love with this ombre gown since i first saw the collection [evidence]

go & vote for your fave!

pretty pictures: curtain call

photos from elle, feb 2010, featuring model natasa vojnovic & the talented dancers of american ballet theatre. photographed by carter smith and styled by mario grauso.

i'll never get enough of ballet dancers in fashion editorials!

images via -- go here to see more

quotation: dr. seuss on truth

i have always loved this dr. seuss quote.  
so i seriously love this bright green poster.

image via
[no idea where i got i can buy this but man do i want it!]

Sunday, January 30, 2011

pretty pictre: elie saab spring 2011 campaign

featuring model erin wasson.  photographed by willy vanderperre.
i love what joanna at fashion gone rogue says about this campaign -- "erin is the very picture of strength and elegance as she dons Saab’s contrasting designs of airy and form-fitting silhouettes" 
sooo true.

i want: kate spade date night ring

in every color please!

please please please?!
they would add such a fun POP to my all-black work wear!

buy these gorgeous rings here

Saturday, January 29, 2011

celeb style: amy adams in marchesa

i love amy adams.  i love marchesa [exibits: a, b].  i love amy adams wearing marchesa at the 2011 golden globes.  take a look at the original sketch paired with the gorgeous final product ::
  stunning as usual.

quotation: hemingway - before you...

while the rest of the world is relaxing or having fun today, i will be working a 12-14 hour day and reciting this quotation to myself.  saturdays are my hardest of the week.  my store is open and it is always chaos.

so anyways... i must remind myself to listen, think, earn, wait, forgive...
but most of all, try.

as difficult as it gets, i will never give up or let the stress defeat me.  i will always try.  and because i refuse to quit, because i commit to trying - i will succeed.

that's my affirmation for the day ~

image via

Friday, January 28, 2011

friday faves: 1.28.11

i've decided to start doing another weekly post - "friday faves."  this is a common theme on the blogosphere - highlighting top posts, events, or ideas from the past week.  i was doing it semi-regularly with "link love" but i want to really hold myself accountable by giving it a set date.  i'm pretty proud of myself about keeping up with "wedding wednesdays" the past couple months so i figured it's time for a new challenge!  i can't make a promise to blog every day or any of that, but i want to stick with day-of-the-week features.  so anyways, welcome to my first "friday faves"  [pst - see la vie...j'aime for the original friday faves feature]

side note -- going along with my goal of blogging regularly without giving myself the stress of every day [because let's face it, life gets in the way sometimes], i've decided to have as many blog posts as there are days in the month.  for example, even if it's not every day, i will have 31 posts for the month of january.  hence why there have been so many this past week - i'm playing catch up!!

so here it goes, friday faves numero uno ::

~ globe collection ~
lots of globes.  [via]

~ anthropologie launching a wedding line ~
am i getting married any time soon?  heck no. 
did i sign up to receive more info on this?  heck yes!
main site; image via

~ the tub caddy ~
who doesn't want to be able to take long baths while reading or writing?!
buy here [via]

~ chic little girls ~
i want to be as chic as her!

 ~ these sparkly heart-shaped glasses ~
not to mention the whole super-cool photography aspect.
see more of the photo shoot here

~ this colorful but classic mirror ~
image by swedish photographer Katarina Malmström Brown [via]  

~ an awesome giveaway ~
from one of my newest fave blogs, the inspired house of wright

go here to enter!

~ inspirational phrases/images ~
okay sounds good.
[image via]
okay that sounds good too.

 and . . .


 final score: bulls 99, magic 90

happy weekend :)

quotation: on reading

"there is only one way to read, which is to browse in libraries and bookshops, picking up books that attract you, reading only those, dropping them when they bore you, skipping the parts that drag-and never, never reading anything because you feel you ought, or because it is part of a trend or a movement. remember that the book which bores you when you are twenty or thirty will open doors for you when you are forty or fifty-and vise versa. don’t read a book out of its right time for you."  [doris lessing]

and a beautiful image to accompany the quotation . . .

^ that's pretty much me.  except with glasses.  and lighter, less frizzy hair.
but her expression, deep in thought; her hand on the page that initiated this expression; the newspapers stacked up waiting to be read; the posture, slumped on the floor even though there is a comfy couch empty...
[and i kinda love it]

by recently discovered [by me] photographer, lucie hugary - her official site
image via
quotation found on wet behind the ears

i want: UO apartment sale items

man do i love urban outfitters ~ especially when there's a sale!!  so here i go, the things i want. and you'll notice that all of these items are organizational helpers.  that's no coincidence - that's me  desperately needing (pretty) organization help!

love this hook.  and definitely need hooks for towels/clothes/jewelry. 
bird flower hook  $4.99 -- such a great price, maybe buy 2?!
more hooks!  well, clips.  i especially love these for hanging pictures/art prints, of which i have many!  reviews say they aren't too sturdy but that's just fine if i use it for pics and prints.

i've realized i have way too much jewelry for the small hooks and drawers i currently have.  so i'm pretty sure i need to buy a lot of hooks now...
scalloped wall jewelry rack in white - $11.99
yes, more jewelry holders.  like i said, i need it!

now time to be smart about my purchase ~ read the reviews, take account of the available wall space in my room, etc.

i'll keep you updated with what i get!

i want: organized walk-in closet

confession: i am an incredibly organized person, but somehow my clothes are always a disastrous, disorganized mess.  i blame much of this on my overall lack of SPACE.  i mean, really, my room is a glorified closet!  i desperately need more room, more storage options, more boxes & bins.  i looooove boxes & bins!  i looooove separating my things into neat little spaces.  but alas, no space.

so anyways, i want this closet.  i want those gorgeous bins and glass drawers.  lots & lots of glass drawers.  sigh.

maybe one day . . .

image via
originally found in lonny mag

decor: we are so good together

do you love this?
because i definitely do.
[oh & did you notice the pillowcases spell out love? awesome.]

~ the bedroom of boutique owner lara collins
discovered on design*sponge

Thursday, January 27, 2011

pretty pictures: wallflower

i had the day off work today [yipee!!] but this is how i spent it ::

i was a wallflower.
and it was wonderful.

pretty photography by chelsea jade metcalf
see the whole photo shoot here
discovered on here comes the sun

i want: purple bow belt

as seen in elle belgium, oct 2010.
no idea who made this belt, just know i wantwantwaaaant it!

see more of this beautiful nouveau retro photo shoot featuring model esme here
by photographer maria dawlat

pretty picture: dancer in the window

 what a beautiful strong woman!

image via

pretty pictures: painted faces

editorial featuring the beauty of gisele bundchen [2007]

my fave shot ~

simply beautiful.

gorgeous photos by photographer regan cameron.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

random: sugar cookie sins

illustrator Christoph Niemann decided to have a little fun with sugar cookie dough & sprinkles.  the end result is sorta adorable.

i especially love the scenes that express some of the seven deadly sins :

but my all-time fave is . . .
see the whole quirky-awesome cookie story here

pretty pictures: tiffany ads

not only does tiffany & co. have the prettiest jewelry, they also have some of the prettiest holiday ads.  here are a couple from years past:

this year's holiday tiffany ads:

& my fave:
romantic.  dreamy.  beautiful.
all images via