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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i want: renegade art fair - laura berger

chicago artist laura berger's prints are beautifully simple illustrations, full of affirmation & pure happiness - perfect decor for any room.

^ my sentiments exactly.  + books, that is.
 ^ (complete text reads: 1:You are stressed. You go do some yoga, ok? 2: Sit down. Breathe. Think about nice things. Like donuts and hippos. 3: Go to a place and have them put needles in your head. 4: Now take a bath. You were pretty dirty anyway. 5: Now drink a very large and soothing beverage. 6: Now go dance for several hours. Repeat step 5 as needed. You are cured!)

 i want this print framed in my room:
it's kinda impossible to look at her work & not smile :)

i want: sparkly tulle wrap dress

by diane von furstenberg

sparkly & feminine.  with a wrap waist to emphasize curves.  yup, i love this.

buy it here

Monday, November 29, 2010

reblog: music monday: almost lover

i just had to share this post over at the runaway romantique - it is one of my favorite songs & the sweet blogger posted not only the music video, but also some beautiful pictures of its singer, alison sudol [aka A Fine Frenzy].  my fave image:

this song has soo much meaning to me - i can't even put it into words.  it is more than just reminiscent of my past almost lovers, but also a shared song with my ginger best friend/soulmate whom i miss dearly.  & as much as i love alison sudol, i can still close my eyes & hear my bestie singing this song & playing the soft notes on her piano & then we sit in silence & hold hands & cry.  [ohh i miss her so]

& my fave line:
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do...

as the dear runaway romantique puts it, "this song is the nostalgia of wounds that eventually heal and leave a bittersweet scar in its place."

sooo true. 

visit & listen & enjoy.

design: perfectly quirky purple bedroom

from the dutch home of claudette halkes, author of the books uitgeverij snor
- unique corner structure [their house used to be a primary school & they kept many of the original architectural elements.  how cool!]
- deep purple bedding...
-....with funky patchwork pillow
- bed frame with built-in shelving for books.  oh & the reading lamps!
- soft pink & cream curtains.  lovely.
- quirky lighting
** pairing of woodsy wallpaper with pretty lavender paint **

i simply love this bedroom.  it has such a beautifully perfect combo of natural elements, soft and romantic colors, and quirky accents.  love, love, love!

also love this quotation on style from the writer-owner:

"[style] means knowing what makes you feel comfortable, happy and beautiful. Knowing what suits you best, in fashion, living, everything. And style also has to with to be able picking beautiful little things out of a bunch of crap."

see the whole quirky-awesome house here.

i want: renegade art fair - spike press

store #2 from the renegade art fair back in september is another design co. with super cool concert posters -- spike press.  they have some of the neatest typography i've seen in a long time.  mixed with beautiful colors.  & for awesome bands.  yup, i was a big fan of spike press.  here are some personal faves:

here's the awesomely bright & fun la roux poster i bought, which is now prominently displayed in my room:

see tons more killer posters here

Sunday, November 28, 2010

fashion: super cute tory burch kids clothing

some of the chicest childrens clothing i have ever seen!  perfect mix of preppy & quirky.  & for kids! ~
here is my fave look ::

the only thing that confuses me is this page header...
how is a $95 merino wool cardigan perfect for play?!  playing house, perhaps, or playing tea time.  but when i think of kids & "play," i envision running around and climbing trees and skinning knees - aka, getting dirty.  silly silly t.burch!

see more here

i want: renegade art fair - vahalla studios

so maybe i'm months behind, but it's better late than never, right?!  back in september, when i spent two full days in complete ecstasy at the renegade craft fair in chicago [which actually took place a 10 min walk away from my apt -- score!], i wanted to highlight some of my fave vendors.  but then life took over & i didn't have the time.  & then i forgot.  anyways, i was cleaning up my room today and came across my map from the event & decided it's not too late to share some of my faves.

the first i'd like to highlight is vahalla studios - a design company that makes killer concert posters, all of which would look beautiful framed in a fun & funky home.  here's my selection of wants, based on both fave designs & fave bands ~

and my #1 fave, the one i desperately wanted to buy when at the fair:
not only do i love feist, but the colors in this poster would fit perfectly in my room.  sooo cool.

you can buy all of these posters & more here.  they also have a pretty cool blog.

celeb style: emma watson rocks my world

warning: this is a loooong post.  & you've probably already seen most of the pictures over and over again.  i apologize, but i wanted to compile them all together for myself :)

"i think it's so much sexier to be understated.  it's more intriguing to be sexy in a less obvious way."
"Playing Hermione just came so naturally; I had a real affinity for her.  I felt like I knew exactly who she was. Like me, she's very loyal and determined, she's very intelligent, and she has a lot of guy friends, as I do. Her eagerness to please and to have the right answer is definitely like me. I'm a perfectionist, so my bossiness definitely comes out."

"I love fashion. I think it's so important, because it's how you show yourself to the world."

“I have Hermione to thank, in a weird way, for my sense of style.  Playing this role, fashion was my way of expressing myself away from that school uniform. When I got the chance to dress myself, I was so thrilled to be able to be Emma and show a different side of myself."

"fashion was my rebellion."

 "I love that she [Hermione] has an opinion, that she’s intelligent, that she also has a heart."

“I love being the bossy girl, it’s great.”

"I hope my head doesn't get very big. I'm just going to keep my feet on the ground, stick to friends and family and try and lead a normal life."

"I could never really imagine myself doing one thing, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll end up doing four or five things. I want to be a Renaissance woman. I want to paint, and I want to write, and I want to act, and I want to just do everything."
after this massive array of pictures and quotation, i think it goes without saying that i love emma watson.  and hermoine granger [yes, i realize she is a fictional character -- but she is real to me].  as a focused yet free-spirited, perfectionist with an eye for classic fashion and desire to master a variety of skills/careers, i feel a kindred connection to miss watson.  i think of her as my little sister [yes, i realize that is a little strange/stalkerish sounding -- but i refuse to retract].

dear emma,
thank you for 7 films, numerous photoshoots, & even more interesting interviews.
i wish you the best in all your endeavors
but please don't fall off the map completely, i would miss you.
all my admiration & respect,

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