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Monday, July 19, 2010

design: color coded bookcases

If I ever own a bookstore [dream], I hope it's as beautiful as this one shown below! This is a picture of an actual bookstore in SF [in 2004]. The owner, Chris Cobb, and his 16 volunteer helpers stayed up all night organizing the entire store's inventory by color. Why?, you ask. It's impractical and a waste of time, you say.
Why? For beauty. Just for beauty.

 Just look:
read the interview with Chris Cobb here

"Even though there is so much to be unhappy about in this world, we should try to create something amazing and beautiful and interesting despite all of the problems."

-Chris Cobb, owner of Adobe Books in SF.  [quotation from this post]

Even though I likely will never own a bookstore I still could create a beautiful color-coded bookshelf in my own home.  Here are some example of personal bookshelves:

-- both images found on the tumblr site book lovers never go to bed alone --
-- soundtrack for this post: "All This Beauty" by The Weepies --

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