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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

design: fashion as decor

I love interior design, fashion, and all things feminine and fun.  So imagine how happy I was when I came across this post on the blog alkemie, which highlights a room on the British website 1st Option.  The room itself is simply beautiful - possibly a little overwhelming to actually live in, but lovely as a piece of design art.  There are many little details in this space that I absolutely love, but for right now I will just point out the creative use of fashion as wall decor.  Here are my two favorite examples:

Beautiful frilly dresses hung as artwork in a bedroom:
More dresses as decor, along with lovely pink heels hanging on empty wall space:

If you like this "Bohemian Chic meets the Modern Marie Antoinette," to quote alkemie blogger Karen Olivia, definitely check out the rest of the article and oooh and aaah over its extravagance.

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